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Go for Gold!

What is a Gold Badge?


Students at A.N.P.S. are encouraged to "do the right thing and be in the right place, at the right time" through a tiered reward program. Students are given the opportunity to move from an entry level of green to the highest level of gold.

A gold badge is presented to students at special assemblies by their parents. These students are selected for their excellence in citizenship, attendance and punctuality, wearing full school uniform and consistent effort. Gold badge winners are rewarded each term with special prizes culminating in a fantastic excursion to the movies.


How do you get a ?

  • Nominations open

  • Check with all class teachers and support teachers

  • Nominations checked by all staff

  • Gold badge letters sent out to families to invite them to the assembly

  • Gold badge assembies are held twice a term.

  • Gold badge rewards are held once a term.


How Do You Get Nominated for a Gold Badge?

Each student must show:


·         I am always respectful.

·         I treat other people the way I would like them to treat me.

·         I use good manners with teachers and other students.

·         I keep our school tidy.


·         I am always honest.

·         I speak honestly to others.

·         I do what is right.

·         My actions match my words (I have integrity).


·         I am always fair.

·         I treat others with fairness.

·         I follow the rules in the classroom, on the playground and during sport.

·         I take responsibility for my mistakes.


·         I am always friendly.

·         I help my friends to be safe, learn and have fun.

·         I support my friends to solve their problems.

·         I encourage others to make good choices.


·         I am always responsible.

·         I complete my classwork and homework to the best of my ability.

·         I move safely and responsibly around the school.

·         I am ready for school (on time and wearing full school uniform).


·         I am always kind.

·         I use kind words when speaking to others.

·         I think about the feelings of other people.

·         I help others when needed.

Levels of Achievement

  Gold Badge Nominated by teacher
Positive Morning Tea with the Principal 60 commendations
  Book 50 commendations
  Banner 40 commendations
  Gold 30 commendations
  Silver 20 commendations
  Bronze 10 commendations
Entry Level Green