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History of ANPS

Auburn North Public School opened for the first time on Monday 12 th January, 1891.


Within the first month there were over 160 pupils on the roll and five teachers on staff. The first principal of ANPS was Henry Lovell. The school grew rapidly and operated with only two rooms. The Principal's office and the weather shed were also used as classrooms. By the beginning of 1900 Auburn North had grown to a population of 350 pupils.


Pupils worked in very crowded classrooms. In 1912 dual desks (with shelf under the table and back rest) were placed in each classroom. These classrooms held 24 desks to seat 48 pupils. The department of Education worked on the belief that if a teacher had a class of 48 pupils, by the time you subtracted the children who were sick or unable to attend school, the normal class size would be around 40.

The school kept on expanding in the years to come. From an enrolment of 250 pupils in 1909 the number grew quickly to 450 pupils in 1915, 600 pupils in 1920, 800 pupils in 1925 to 1,300 pupils in 1930.


In 1913 the school had 295 seats but 350 pupils were listed on the roll to be shared by 6 teachers. Two of the classes had over 70 pupils in them, another had 69 pupils, two more classes had over 50 pupils and the smallest class had 47 pupils. To make matters worse all six classes had to fit into five classrooms. In 1914 two wooden portable buildings were added to the school. At the beginning of 1915 the school was divided into two departments – infants and primary. By 1917 the school had 8 rooms and 400 seats for its 520 pupils and 10 teachers. In 1925 a new two-storey building, consisting of 10 classrooms, was opened in the primary department. Another four classrooms were added to the infants building.


When the school opened in 1891 there was little concern for pupils crossing ‘Sydney' Road (Parramatta Road). As traffic increased it became more and more difficult for pupils to cross Parramatta Road. In 1940 the construction of the pedestrian overpass began. This footbridge was the result of much campaigning by the parents. In the 1960's the footbridge was completely meshed over to improve pupil safety.


In 1970 the changing population of Auburn saw the first English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher appointed to Auburn North. In 1979 the school received many new facilities. These included administration, library, canteen, staffroom, hall, kindergarten and toilet facilities.    


The school celebrated its Centenary in 1991. Since then the school has continued to strive FORWARD – as our school motto states. The school celebrates many events and achievements. The community of Auburn North Public School is one that   celebrates the ‘BEST OF ALL WORLDS' and continues to aim high in all that it does .



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