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Ready for School program

Graduation of the participants at the BSW 2015


Since 2011 we have provided a five week "Beginning School Well Program" or a transition to school program. This program targeted children who had not been to childcare or preschool previously and who had enrolled to begin school.

Children completing the program participated in sessions for 90 minutes each Monday morning. We had two bilingual teachers and the SACC Facilitator assisting with these sessions.

The children had many experiences. They learnt how to: 

  • identify their own name,
  • practiced writing their name, 
  • cutting and pasting, 
  • walked to the Kindergarten classroom 
  • visited a Kindergarten classroom, 
  • met the other children and the teacher. 
  • Each week we had music and story book time.

The feedback from the parents was that the program was very beneficial for their child.

One mother said her daughter was not scared about starting school any longer and she is in fact looking forward to coming to school now.

We will continue to have another program in Term 3 each year. 


Story time Beginning School Well program 2011




          Learning to write                                                            Identifying letters and numbers