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Our Famous School Sayings

2024 School Saying

As well as our School Plan, Annual School Report, Management Plan and Vision/Mission Statement, which combine to set a clear path to success for our school and each of our students. Each year, our school community develops a ‘SAYING' to give our school clear direction for achievement in that particular year.  

Past ‘sayings' have been:

2023 - At Auburn North we never rest, so let's make 2023 better than the BEST.

2022 -‘It’s 2022, and we know what to do.  Work hard, be kind, and make our Dreams come true.’

2021 - 'In 2020 our dream was in sight however, 2021 is the year we shine bright!'

2020 - ‘In 2020, we will work as one team to achieve every dream.'

2019 - ‘In 2019, our dream is no guess. We will never ever rest until we do our very best.'

2018 - ‘In 2018, we will work as one team to achieve our dreams.’

2017 - ‘In 2017, let’s do our very best and let’s forget the rest’

2016 - ‘In 2015, the 6Cs were in our sights. In 2016, we’ll take them to new heights’

2015 - ‘In 2014 we did exceed. Now the ‘6Cs’ are what we need.’

2014 - 'In 2013, we did succeed. But, in 2014 we must all exceed'

2013 - 'In 2013, expect success and nothing less'

2012 - 'In 2012, let's all aim for the stars and let's all become stars'

2011 - 'In 2011 we will not rest, until we've achieved our personal best'

2010 - ‘Always try our best and never settle for less'.

2009 - ‘Lets Shine in 2009'

2008 - ‘Let's Make This Year Our Best Year Ever'.

2007 - ‘2007 Is The Year To Achieve. We Can All Succeed If We All Believe'.

2006 - 'Now we have the right mix. let's do even better in 2006'

2005 - 'Let's come alive in 2005. Let's not rest until we do our best'

2004 - 'Let's give a little bit more in 2004'

2003 - 'The best we can be in 2003'

2002 - 'Let's all aim high'