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Dear Parents and Visitors,

Auburn North Public School is a multi-award-winning primary school in Sydney's western suburbs. It has developed a reputation as a dynamic learning community for its leaders, teachers, students and parents. The school presently has an enrolment of 702 students and is one of our state's most multicultural schools. Ninety-seven percent of the students are from a non-English speaking background and 20% of its students are from a refugee background.


Our school's 2018 - 2020 Vision is:

‘Our Vision is to be Australia's most outstanding future-focused learning community.'


Our school's 2018 – 2020 Mission is:

‘Our Mission is to engage students in an extraordinary education, inspired by expert teachers and leaders in partnership with supportive families.'


Our three 2018 – 2020 Strategic Directions are:

  1. Engage all students to maximise learning outcomes.
  2. Engage teachers and leaders in high-impact professional learning.
  3. Engage families as partners in learning.


Our school has developed a research-based, data-informed, action-planned culture and the school is committed to achieving outstanding outcomes in the areas of leadership, teaching, learning, student welfare and parent engagement. It has implemented highly successful programs and practices in each of these areas to achieve its aspirational targets.


We are committed to ensuring children exceed their full potential academically, socially, emotionally, creatively and technologically, and aims to assist each student develop outstanding ‘Basic Skills' and ‘21st Century Skills' such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and citizenship.


Our programs, practices and relationships are underpinned by the school values of kindness, friendship, respect, fairness, responsibility and honesty.


Our school's leaders and teachers utilise a collaborative approach to the development, implementation and evaluation of all teaching and learning programs.


Auburn North participates in the ‘Schools as Community Centres' program that facilitates parents to develop the knowledge and skills to be active participants in their children's learning.


Our staff and parents enjoy positive relationships, based on trust and mutual respect. Together, they actively promote the school, its students, and its achievements in the wider community


All members of our school learning community are very excited about this school year and our future as we teach, learn and parent in perfect harmony to achieve our vision, our mission, our directions and each of our targets.


Background Behind Our School Theme


Our school is one of the most multicultural schools in Australia and in fact the world. Our students and their families come from more than 50 different countries and speak more than 40 different languages. Our school really is the United Nations. Our school'sTheme since 2000 had been ‘The Best of All Worlds'. This theme reflected the fact that our school was blessed with a rich tapestry of cultures from around the world, where we respected each other and celebrated our own and each other's cultures.


This theme also reflected the fact that all members of our community believed that our learning community was  multiculturalism at its very best and multiculturalism at its most successful. We believed that only in an inclusive public school like Auburn North Public School could students learn one of life's most important lessons. That lesson was that regardless of a person's culture, religion or colour we are all essentially the same with the same needs and wants.


While our multi-award-winning school had been recognised and acknowledged as an outstanding and high-performing learning community, in 2015 all members of our community believed that we must always be moving FORWARD. They believed that we must always keep our eyes, ears and minds open for better and more effective ways to maximise teaching, learning and parenting outcomes in our school.


Therefore, our learning community decided that while it was very important that Auburn North students continue to learn one of life's most important lessons and that they continue to learn and develop outstanding knowledge, skills and attitudes in Literacy, numeracy and all other subject areas, it was also very important that our students develop 21st learning skills to be successful now and in the future in our rapidly changing world.


We revised our school theme and further developed and improved our teaching, learning and parenting programs and practices to reflect this development. Since 2015 our school theme has been 'The Best of All Worlds for 21st Century Learners'.


Therefore, to be high achieving people now and in the future our students this year and in the future will be focussing on maximising their 'Basic Skills' and their 21st Century learning skills in areas such as:


  • Information Technology
  • Higher Order Thinking
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Real-World Problem-Solving
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • CriticalThinking
  • Evaluating and Synthesizing
  • Self-Regulation


Our staff, students and parents are very excited about this new stage in our school's FORWARD development. This new direction will only contribute to the further development of our exemplary learning environment, an environment that has a real sense of community, where every adult and child feels welcomed, valued, and important, and where everyone feels that they are a vital member of something that is much, much more than just a school.

These new 21st century learning skills will not only assist our students reach their full potential but actually EXCEED their full potential academically, socially, emotionally, physically, creatively and technologically.



Auburn North Public School has been recognised and acknowledged as an outstanding learning community by the NSW Department of Education. Over the past seven years we have been presented with a range of State and Regional awards acknowledging our excellent performances and results in areas such as leadership, teaching, learning, parent participation, and community cohesion. Some of these awards include the:



  • 2017 NSW Department of Education 'Secretary's Award for an Outstanding School Initiative'.
  • 2017 NSW Department of Education's 'Secretary's School Achievement Award'.
  • NSW Director-General's 'School Achievement Award'
  • NSW Minister for Education's 'Cohesive Community School Award' (runner-up previous 2 years) 
  • NSW South Western Sydney's Regional 'School Excellence Award'
  • NSW South Western Sydney's Regional 'Staff Professional Learning Award" ( 2 years in succession)
  • NSW South Western Sydney's Regional 'Increased Parental Engagement In Supporting Their Children's Learning Award'


Our learning community believes that our school will continue to be recognised as an exceptional school if we:


i.   continue to develop and implement exemplary professional learning programs and practices;

ii.  increase further parent participation in their children's education;

iii.  assist each student become and remain intrinsically motivated to exceed their full potential;

iv.  achieve our 2018 - 2012 School Vision and Mission; and

v.   assist all students maximise their Basic Skills and their 21st Century learning skills.



One of the main reasons why our school has been recognised and acknowledged as an outstanding school is because our school always achieves excellent K-6 and NAPLAN results. Over the eight years that the ‘My School' website has existed, our school has usually outperformed ‘Like Schools' in at least seven of the ten areas in Year 3 and Year 5 and outperformed 'All Schools' in Writing.  These performances demonstrate what can be achieved when staff, students, and parents teach, learn and parent together to assist students EXCEED their full potential.

In 2017 NAPLAN :

  • our Year 3 students outperformed 'Like' schools and 'All' NSW schools in all five Literacy and Numeracy areas.
  • our Year 5 students outperformed 'Like' schools in four from five Literacy and numeracy areas.


In terms of 'Value Added' (Student Growth) in 2017 NAPLAN we achieved the following EXTRAORDINARY results :

  • Kindergarten to Year 3: Top 2% of all NSW schools (ie about 1,700 schools)
  • Year 3 to Year 5: Top 2% of all NSW schools
  • Year 5 to Year 7: Top 2% of all NSW schools



Finally, I consider it an honour and an absolute privilege to be a member of this multi-award-winning school community. There are many reasons why I love being the principal of Auburn North and being a member of the Auburn North FAMILY. They include the:

Students, who are beautiful, who live our six values (honesty, kindness, respect, respect, fairness, friendship, responsibility), who work so hard and who take great pride in their efforts and achievements.

Staff members, who are delightful, happy people who work so hard and so effectively together so that our students love school and exceed their full potential in all areas of endeavour.

Parents, who are so respectful and kind, who are committed to the education and welfare of their children, and who are so supportive of our staff and school.


Mark Harris

(Very Proud) Principal



"We're all different but still the same." Auburn North Student


"Everyone has different beliefs and to live in a harmonious community we must respect the beliefs of others. That is what makes Auburn North so special." Auburn North Student


"I am very impressed by the exceptionally caring attitude of the Auburn North teachers to the students, parents, and all members of our community. I am inspired by the very positive learning attitude of the Auburn North students." Auburn North Parent


"I find our school is very harmonious and like a second home and everyone is friendly and like sisters and brothers to me." Auburn North Parent